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Anwar Group's prosperity was founded on the excellence of its manufacturing. Now Anwar group stands as one of the largest conglomerates of Bangladesh and is diversified into 7 major industrial units. Anwar textile is a concern of Anwar Group of industries. The name Anwar textile has marked its market share by achieving the greatest satisfaction of the international Ready-Made fashion market. Since our inception in the textiles industry, we have vertically integrated our production process and expanded our facilities to continually diversify our product range and explore the newness and demand of our valued customers. We assure our customers top quality products at competitive prices. We are committed to preserving traditional crafts and skills in the unique industrial landscape in which we live. The flexible workforce and machinery mean that both small runs and bigger volume orders can be produced as required. We are ready to carry out any sample or price requests. Therefore, we encourage all our potential clients to contact us for their requests of our products from Yarn to the end products. End user for our operation serves fast fashion and Terry towel.

Tons of Yarn per Year


Yards of Fabric Printing Capacity


Yards of Dyed Fabric per Year

Tons Yarn Dye per Year

Our Units


Dyeing & Printing

We are equipped with advanced machinery and are committed to expand and further upgrade our facility. We are happy to announce that we have already install CDR in our facility with the Continuous Bleaching range. As part of product diversification we have successfully installed the Linen and Linen Blend products processing plant here in Bangladesh. The range we cover is RFD, Reactive, Pigment, and many more for peace dyed option. We use best dyeing staff combined with up to dated dyeing technology to provide the best products.


Yarn Dyeing

The installed capacity is 10 Ton/day with best selected European dyeing machine which serves customers with highest satisfaction. We are Capable of dyeing 100% Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic and Nylon, Rayon, Coolmax and Dri released, Bamboo and Modal Yarns and their Blends in their respective dyeing modes.



Hossain Dyeing has a pioneering modern spinning facility named Mehmud Industries. This project was designed as backward linkage industry for the export oriented RMG sector. We select the best source to select the fiber for our spinning facility. We have modern European machinery combined with the best expertise to take care of the finest quality of yarn. Our facility aligns with a wide range of customer demand for Cotton, CVC, Viscose, Slub, Compact and Combed-carded yarns.



Weaving Mills is where our groups chairman, Al Haj Late Anwar Hossain began his industrial dreams, over 50 years ago. Starting from 50 units of weaving looms, we have expanded our weaving unit which now includes state-of-the-art and latest generation Air jet, Rapier and Terry shuttle-less looms. Our continued investment in technology and our people means we are able work on fine fashion fabrics all under the watchful eye of a team of dedicated and highly skilled weavers and textile designers.