Who We Are

Embracing Tradition, Shaping the Future

We have an illustrious business legacy, a thriving present, and a promising future. Our inception in 1834 and the stewardship of our founding Chairman Anwar Hossain have propelled our company to success. We are proud of our diverse portfolio of associated companies, spanning textiles, financial services, building materials, real estate, home decor, technology, and automobiles


Transforming industries with 189 years of unwavering expertise and innovation.

Business Divisions

Anwar Group is involved in a diverse range of industries, spanning over 7 business divisions.


Powered by a workforce of 14,000 dedicated and hardworking employees.

Our Heritage

Standing the Test of Time a Legacy of Quality and Progress

Our journey is enriched by the legacy of our heritage, reflecting a timeless commitment to excellence and progress. From humble beginnings to remarkable milestones, we have woven a tapestry of achievements that resonates with tradition and inspires a vision for the future. Embracing our storied past, we stride forward, poised to redefine boundaries and shape the course of tomorrow.

  1. 1834 - Laik Mohammad: Pioneering Cloth and Hide Trades
  2. 1870 - Rahim Bakhsh: Venturing into Button and Comb Manufacturing Network
  3. 1914 - Rahim Bakhsh: First in the Family to Trade Cloth and Fabric
  4. 1946 - Late Anwar Hossain - The Anwar Brand was established through the creation of Anwar Cloth Store.
  5. 1965 - Rise from Chawk Bazar: Anwar Cloth Store's Ascension
  6. 1968 - Mala Saree: A Symbol of Elegance and Tradition
  7. 1968 - Manwar Industries: The First Stainless Steel Cutlery Manufacturer
  8. 1970 - Anwar Silk Mills Ltd.: A Transformation in the Silk Industry
  9. 1981 - Khaled Iron & RUMA Steel Mills Ltd.: Shaping Structural Excellence
  10. 1983 - Sunshine Cables & Rubber Works Ltd.: Diversification and Dominion
  11. 1983 - City Bank: First Private Banking in Bangladesh
  12. 1983 - Queen Brand Tin Sheets: Defining Durability in Construction
  13. 1983 - Anwar Textiles: Weaving Excellence in the Textile Domain
  14. 1984 - Hossain Dyeing & Printing Mills Ltd.: Infusing Color and Innovation
  15. 1987 - Pioneering Synthetic Fabrics in Textile Expansion
  16. 1995 - Anwar Galvanizing Ltd.: Largest Manufacturer of Galvanized Items
  17. 1996 - City General Insurance: A Trusted Name in Insurance
  18. 1996 - Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.: Revitalizing the Jute Industry
  19. 1996 - Mehmud Industries: A Dynamic Force in Textiles
  20. 1999 - Anwar Cement Ltd.: Redefining Building Materials Quality
  21. 1999 - Bangladesh Finance: Expanding Horizons in the Financial Industry
  22. 2001 - Anwar Landmark Ltd.: Premium Real Estate and Construction Industry
  23. 2001 - Anwar Green Firm Ltd.: Pioneering Agro-Based Sustainability
  24. 2001 - Anwar Green Initiative: Environmental Awareness
  25. 2001 - A.G. Automobile Ltd.: Driving Innovation in the Automotive Sector
  26. 2004 - Anwar Ispat Limited: Forging Progress in the Steel Industry
  27. 2004 - Athena's Furniture & Home Decor: Elevating Luxury Living
  28. 2005 - A-One Polymer: Pioneering uPVC Fittings, Pipes & Bathroom Fitting in Industry
  29. 2008 - Introducing Ford: A.G. Automobiles Brings Automotive Excellence
  30. 2009 - Anwar Cement Sheet: Redefining Construction Materials
  31. 2010 - Introducing Volvo: Eurocars' Scandinavian Elegance
  32. 2013 - Modhumoti Bank Limited: Expanding Financial Services
  33. 2020 - Introducing Peugeot: A.G. Motors Elevates Driving Experience
  34. 2021 - Death of Anwar Hossain
  35. 2021 - Anwar Denim Ltd.: Advancing Garment Diversification
  36. 2021 - Anwar Technologies: Pioneering Enterprise Solutions
  37. 2021 - Manwar Hossain: New Chairman of Anwar Group
  38. 2022 - Jeep's Arrival in Bangladesh: Toledo Motors Ltd Introduces Adventure

Our Brands

Boundless Horizons of Enriched Diversity

As a versatile conglomerate spanning an impressive 37 business units, we boast an unparalleled range of skills. Our multifaceted strategy enables us to deliver customized and all-encompassing solutions, to meet your specific requirements. Backed by a history of success, a varied portfolio, and an unyielding dedication to excellence, we stand as your reliable ally for achieving success across several industries.

  • Building Materials
  • Textile
  • Finance
  • Real-Estate
  • Automobiles
  • Furniture
  • Technology


Snapshot of Cement Factory



Snapshot of Ispat Factory



Snapshot of Polymer Factory


Cement Sheet

Snapshot of Cement Sheet Factory



Snapshot of Galvanizing Factory


BD Finance

Bangladesh Finance - A complete financial solution for a wide range of individuals and businesses.


City Insurance

City Insurance - Fire, Marine, Motor, Engineering, Miscellaneous Accident Insurance Services.


The City Bank

The City Bank Major Services - Retail banking, Corporate Finance, SME Banking, Women Banking, Digital Banking, Asset Management, Equity Brokerage, and Security.



Athenas Luxury Bed - Renesa



Athenas Luxury Almirah - Venus



Athenas Luxuy Divan - Diba



Jeep is introduced by Toledo Motors in 2021, a subsidiary of Anwar Group



Anwar Group brings Peugeot in 2018



AG Automobiles introduces Volvo in 2010



Anwar Landmark Colosseum at Dhanmondi, Dhaka



Anwar Landmark Cassia at Uttara, Dhaka



UNICEF Country Office at Agargaon, Dhaka


Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure - Tailor-Made Solutions for Unique Business Requirements.


Website Development

Website Development - Visually Stunning,User-Friendly, and Responsive Websites that Captivate Audience and Drive Measurable Results.


Independent Systems

Independent Systems - Robust Systems Capable of Seamless Communication with External Platforms Through Advanced APIs.



Hossain Dyeing - Solid Dyed, Dyed Yarn Services



Hossain Dyeing - Printing Services


Yarn Dyeing

Hossain Dyeing - Yarn Dyed Fabrics

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