Health Services

We are providing below service from this institution:

1. Jamila Khatun Red Crescent Maternity and Child welfare center:

  • We are providing Safe delivery here.
  • Poor pregnant woman are receiving Ante Natal Care (ANC).
  • We are providing Post natal Care (PNC).

2. Child and Newborn Service:

  • Children are receiving treatment from here.
  • Newborn baby are receiving treatment form this institution.

3. Skin Care Service:

  • A skin Care specialist has been serving here once in a week.

4. Supply of Nutritious Food for Poor pregnant Mothers:

  • Every month we are providing nutritious food to the poor pregnant
    mothers of Amligola to prevent malnutrition.

5. Rahim Baksh Eye Hospital :

  • An Ophthalmologist has been serving here once in a week for the treatment of poor
    people of Amligola.

6. Alhaj Anwar Hossain Diabetic Hospital:
It has been operated by Bangladesh Diabetic Samity but building and other structure
have donated by Alhaj Anwar Hossain Foundation through A.M.WC. Tk. 50 Lac has
donated for the construction of Alhaj Anwar Hossain Diabetic Hospital.

  • Two MBBS Doctors have been working here.
  • All modern diabetic treatment is provided here.