Go Green

Anwar Group recognizes the unfortunate fact that with development and industrialization comes the adverse effects of Global Warming and environmental pollution. Therefore, since 2004, Anwar Group has placed environmental sustainability at the top of its list of priorities and has strived to employ only the cleanest and greenest of technologies in its production process. Anwar Group is proud to claim ZERO PHYSICAL WASTAGE for all its production facilities currently operating by ensuring that recycling is done wherever possible.

Environmental Programs –

Global warming is truly an “inconvenient truth” (as termed by Al Gore) that all the members of planet have to live with. To slow down the process of global warming there needs to be more public awareness. Through projects like “Azad Muslim Youth Club – Bangladesh (Estd. 1956)” and “Azad Muslim Science and Environment Club (Estd. 2005)”, Anwar Group plays its part in developing the mindset of the youth in such a way that they are aware of the latest environmental issues that concern everyone on a global level. Anwar group of Industries has also taken the initiative that for each tree cut, plant 30 trees.

Awareness Building Campaigns – –

The main objectives of the awareness building campaigns taken up by AGI are to build awareness among the public about their rights and responsibilities as citizens of Bangladesh, to evoke a sense of patriotism among Bangladeshi and to make the public consciousness about international events that affect them in this era of globalization.