1. Jamila Khatun Lalbagh Girls High School:
Jamila Khatun Lalbagh Girls High School was established in 1959 by the initiative of Alhaj
Anwar Hossain. There are almost 530 students in this school. We are providing below
facilities here:
a. Educational Stipend:

b. Special coaching for the students of Class IX & Class X.
c. Special incentive for students and teacher in the SSC exam. When any
student will get GPA-5 then she will be rewarded. Respective teacher also be
rewarded accordingly.
2. Alhaj Anwar Hossain Shohid Nagar Primary School:
This School was established in 1980 by the initiative of Alhaj Anwar Hossain. The
numbers of students of the school are about 400 (four hundred). It has spread its hand
for basic education of the poor people of the Lalbagh area.
a. Nutritious Tiffin: Nutritious Tiffin is provided for 5 days in a week for all
students of class three to five.
b. School dress: Dress supplied to all students from class three to five.
3. Jamila Khatun Kinder Garten.
a. We have taken plan to recruit an English teacher for this Kinder Garten.