This is where our group Chairman, Anwar Hossain's industrial journey began 5 (five) decades ago. Anwar Silk Mills Ltd., set up with 50 units of Tsudokoma Shuttle weaving looms in 1966, is now the proud parent company of the country's textile Tzar boasting a weaving unit comprising of state-of-the-art and latest generation Air jet, Rapier and Terry shuttle-less looms. Perhaps amongst the proudest products of the country,

'Mala Saree' (a traditional dress for women in Bangladesh) has been an ambassador of courage & success for the Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in the then Pakistan ruled Bangladesh. The Group, doing justice to the innovativeness & far sightedness that it is known for, soon diversified into the export market with high quality Bathrobes, Bed Sheets, Aprons, Table Linen, Napkin, Kitchen & Terry Towels to the European and US markets. The Group is amongst the largest exporter of household, institutional and retail items since 1994 in Bangladesh. The division is particularly proud to be amongst the top exporters of kitchen towels to the US in the entire subcontinent. It has also established its own place in the shelves of most retail chains in Europe with its top-notch household and Institutional terry products.

Anwar Silk Mills Ltd

Baitul Hossain Building (14th Floor), 27 Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh

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