Welfare for adolescents

Statistics show that 6 out of 10 crimes committed in our society involves an adolescent on some level. This is indeed an alarming fact and warrants special attention. Much like adolescents, women have also been largely ignored and for many years in the past have faced discrimination in the society. For a country to be developed, members of both genders must be involved in the process of advancement and growth only then can we hope for a change for the better. In addition to the two segments of the society discussed, special care is to be taken for the elderly as well, as they are the moral compass of a society. Their experience is what guides the way for future development. This is why Anwar Group has taken a keen interest in funding projects such as: Azad Muslim Women’s Council (Estd. 1953) and the Drop-in Center (for the youth) (Estd. 1996).