Vocational training

AGI carries out a series of CSR activities with a view to transforming the unemployed section of the country’s ever increasing workforce into skilled workers and in turn opening a world of new possibilities for said workforce thereby reducing poverty. This also ensures active participation of women and youth in the decision making process of their respective families and in turn transforms the society into a more collaborative and inclusive one. Additionally, this improves the economic independence that women currently enjoy in the society. Some of the highlights of the efforts taken by the company in this regard are given below:

  • Sewing Center 1 (Estd. 1950)
  • Sewing Center 2 (Estd. 1960)
  • Embroidery Center (Estd. 1968)
  • Weaving Center (Estd. 1960)
  • Training Center for Cooking (Estd. 1996)
  • Azad Muslim Hasina’s Cooking Center (Estd. 2005)