Anwar Group has worked hand in hand with the nation since its birth in 1971 on its quest for development and shares the same thoughts about the role of education in building a prosperous nation. As such, the company has always paid keen attention towards ensuring the provision of education, especially for those who are financially disadvantaged. Along with providing scholarships to the children of the employees working with Anwar Group, it also fund the following projects and institution to promote education:

  • Alhaj Anwar Hossain Shahid Nagar Primary School (Estd. 1980)
  • Jamila Khatun Kindergarten (Estd. 1990)
  • Jamila Khatun Girls’ High School (Estd. 1959)
  • Azad Muslim Women’s Reading Center (Estd. 2008)
  • Azad Muslim Children’s Art Center (Estd. 2005)

Anwar Group has always believed that the enlightenment through religious education aligns the mind, body and soul leading to personal growth and development of an individual. With a strong belief that only when a person is spiritually connected to his/her own religious views can that person be truly honest and uphold integrity in his work life, two qualities AGI tries to instill in its workforce. With a view to promoting such qualities on a national scale AGI has taken up many projects that promote religious and spiritual education of which “Amoligola Morning Madrasa” (Estd. 1953) deserves a special mention.