A1 Polymer Ltd.


A-One Polymer is among the country’s leading manufacturers of uPVC Pipes & Fittings, Teflon Tape, ABS Bathroom Fittings, Magic Pipe, Toilet Tissue Holder and many more. A-One Polymer Ltd. is currently the largest manufacturers of uPVC pipes & fittings in Bangladesh. We are widely acknowledged for manufacturing and marketing top grade products in an environmentally sustainable way. Our priority towards exceeding quality expectations and product safety has played a major role on the success of our brand. Each component is subjected to a multistage inspection, which ensures accuracy and durability of the fittings in all types of industrial, agricultural, domestic, and other piping installations. Our factory is equipped with advanced technology with inspection equipment and skilled workforces.


Baitul Hossain Building (12th Floor)

27 Dilkusha Commercial Area

Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh

Email : mail@anwargroup.com

Web : www.a1polymer.com